Meet The Builder


A carpenter by trade, Ray Kershaw owned his own renovation company at the age of 20, well before completing his Diploma of Builders Registration and starting Mondo Exclusive Homes in 2010.

Now in its 10th year of existence, Mondo Exclusive Homes has been recognised through multiple industry awards and is now very much about everything that Ray aimed to implement into the business a decade ago – bringing the skills, trades and quality (of the high-end commercial sector) back into the Perth residential market.

Since winning the Master Builders Association Rising Star award in 2009, Mondo Exclusive Homes has gone on to be recognised state-wide, and nationally as a company, for multiple projects – despite being a more boutique operation in a tough property market in Perth. The team consists of Ray himself, his wife and one administrator, supported by a huge crew of contractors which ensures Mondo’s stability as a company despite fluctuating market conditions. Being a housing counsellor and current board member for Master Builders WA, Ray is passionate about mentoring his contractors and start-up builders or developers who ring him up for advice.

He believes that a great contributor to Mondo’s success is how refreshingly ‘open book’ and honest we are. Our clients see our work schedules right from the start of any job and the margin we are working on.

As the owner of the company, clients appreciate Ray’s “concierge” approach. They meet him on Day One of their engagement with Mondo Exclusive Homes and he personally supervises the trades – and is there – for the client right through to the handover and maintenance stages.

Ray has also run three charity events over the past 10 years, raising money directly for a cancer-sufferer close to him and is a heavy contributor to the Multiple Sclerosis “Appealathon” each year. Overall though, Ray believes that the company’s heavy focus on complete transparency, a highly-personalised service keeping up with design trends and marketing via social media are key contributors to his business success.

Ray Kershaw